How to be an engineering physicist if you do not have enough funds to go to an excellent university?

1 Answer
Dec 9, 2017

I wouldn’t worry too much. In my experience Physicists are in sufficient demand that, provided your course is appropriately relevant, employment is available without too much difficulty.


Clearly it is still of net advantage to go to University and gain the higher income available to graduates, though you will pay the fees off over many years once your salary is above the threshold. You will find the loans are frighteningly large numbers.

I haven’t looked into the details, but I think distance learning courses ( amongst many other universities including the “best” ones) attract significantly lower fees and you can (a) live at home (b) find part-time work which may help financially.

On a personal level, I really wish that Education was free, or at least we got a five-year Education Credit note at 16, then people wouldn’t be in this position.

Good luck! I really hope you attain your goal.