How to calculate ammeter and voltmeter readings?

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1 Answer
Feb 26, 2018

Circuit a: Voltmeter reads 1.5V, Ammeter reads 7.5A
Circuit b: Voltmeter reads 7.5V, Ammeter read 1.5A


Circuit a:
Both batteries are in series so total valtage is 15V
Circuit sries restnace is 2 ohms
So Current I= #V/R# = #15/2 #=7.5A

Voltage drop across top 1 ohm resistors = #I*R#=7.5V, right side being +ve
So Voltmeter reads +7.5 -6 V ==+1.5V

Circuit b:

The 9V and 6 V sources oppose, so resultant voltage is only 3V instead of 15V.

Repeat above calculations.