How to contact "someone from ....."?

I got a Thank you note from someone. I guess it is via App.
If 'someone' needs further help, is there a way to contact the person.

1 Answer
Dec 27, 2016

You can't really contact them...


Most of the thank-you notes that contributors get come from unregistered users, which are users that do not have accounts on Socratic. You can pretty much think about these users as visitors to the site.

When someone who does not have an account on Socratic leaves you a thank-you note, you get the well-known Someone from... line

enter image source here

Now, the site tracks down the IP of the machine from which the note was sent, but that's all.

Someone from Bangalore, India #-># the note was sent from an IP address registered in Bangalore, India

Without an email address, which is only required for registered users, you have no way of contacting these students. All we can say for sure is where the thank-you note originated from, but as far as reaching out to these students, that's not really an option unless they register.

You can address the issue and hope that they return to the site to see the updated version, but that's all that you can do in such cases.

The students often don't return or return without leaving any feedback, so don't expect too many replies to changes you make to an answer following suggestions sent by unregistered users.