How to prepare 0.2% of Hcl 36% in a water tank its volum is 5000 litre?

1 Answer
Sep 12, 2017

By using #M_(dilution)timesV_(dilution) = M_(first)timesV_(first)#


You have 36% HCl (that is your stock). Your final volume will be 5000 Liters and your final concentration will be 0.2%.

Use the formula provided above:

#0.002times5000 = 0.36timesV#

V is volume of HCl from stock (original).

You will find

#10 = 0.36timesV#

#V= 10/0.36 = 27.78# Liters.

It means take 27.78 Liters of 36% HCl and add to the water tank (final volume is 5000 Liters).