How to start studying biology?

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Jun 16, 2014

The most important thing to learn in Biology is terminology.

If you learn what the words mean and learn to take them apart, you will be able to answer many questions with a good guess or at least an idea as to the answer.

This is an example of how to study for a quiz by defining words:
Aerobic respiration
Anaerobic respiration
Obligate fermenters

What does antiseptic mean? Anti- means against and septic means infection.
What does sterilization mean? steriliz- means to kill all life and -ation means a process that does that.

Jul 8, 2018

Well go over the basics first...


First choose a language to study the subject first. Any language that you are comfortable speaking and remembering easily is important to study biology, as there's lots of vocabulary to learn. A textbook or an online course is perfect, but it will cost you some money.

Then, you should choose some basic knowledge first. Cells, plants, and respiration are good choices to read about and study them. Also remember to study consistently and take your time. Then, solve problems online or from a textbook. Once you get into a habit, you should now be comfortable with the vocabulary you have learned and memorized.

Now, you might want to look at experiments online and try to do them. Of course, not all might be done at home since laboratory apparatus will be needed. But make sure to look at videos online, as that might help as well.

Remember that if you want to master the subject, it'll take lots of time, patience, and tenacity to keep learning and understanding the subject. Make sure to be passionate about it as well, and that might make learning so much easier.

Hope this helps!

Jul 16, 2018

Start by studying Chemistry, Chemistry is the basis of all living systems as seen in Biochemistry.


The most productive advances in Biology are in the field of Biochemistry and Cell biology. Both of these disciplines require a deep understanding of Chemistry. DNA genetics is now the study of the chemistry of the DNA.

Without a firm foundation in the physical sciences, chemistry, information theory, mathematics many areas of biological studies will be closed.