How will a body move after dropped off from a plane?

If you are jumped off from a plane like in Pubg which move in uniform velocity, will you drop vertically downward or like a projectile shape?

1 Answer
Jun 23, 2018

It will be like the 2nd half of a projectile's path.


When you jump out of a plane, you start with zero vertical velocity. At the peak of a projectile's path, it has zero vertical velocity. But you and the projectile have horizontal velocity. For you, it is the velocity of the plane. You accelerate downward according to g (#9.8 m/s^2#). That gives your path the same shape as the 2nd half of a projectile's path.

If we ignore air resistance and if the plane continues on course, the plane will be above the point where you hit ground at the moment you hit ground.

I hope this helps,