How would you compare and contrast the rod cells and the cone cells in the retina of the human eye?

1 Answer
Aug 27, 2016

Both rods and cones are photoreceptor cells but rods are responsible for black and white vision while cones are responsible for color vision.
Both types of cells rest on basement membrane.


  • Rods are elongated in shape, cones are comparatively shorter but wider.

  • Rods are more in number around periphery of retina while cones are more concentrated near central part of retina, i.e. in macula.
  • Rods are more numerous while cones are less in number.
  • Both cells are packed with photoreceptive opsin proteins, rhodopsin in rod and iodopsin in cone .
  • Both the cells get stimulated by light and develop electrical signal in response to light. Rods help us to see in very dim light (in night), but cones can function only in presence of bright light.