I broke my fibula in half and tore two different tendons. What is the treatment for the torn tendons?

1 Answer
Aug 21, 2017

Torn tendons is quite a very serious injury for someone to have. It requires extensive treatment and therapy. The first thing you should do is to not make it worse as it already is. See explanation.


The tendons' purpose in our body is to connect a muscle to a bone therefore making mobility possible because tendons were made to withstand tension. If it gets injured, the people who has this injury must not attempt to cure it by themselves and must limit the mobility of the injured part as much as possible to prevent further strain on it.

The next step is to consult a physician, an Orthopedist, to be exact and this doctor will assess the damage by ordering an MRI scan. The medical treatment that this doctor will do will depend on the results. If there is too much damage, he/she will definitely recommend surgery. It he/she thinks it is not severely damaged, routine physical therapy and drinking of pain killers will help it get better.

For those who got a surgery, rehabilitation of 3-6 months may take place followed by routine physical treatment combined with pain killer consumption. An example would be Derrick Rose. He tore his tendons many times thus he was not able to play basketball for quite a while and he spent a lot of time (and money) on rehab and physical therapy.