I'm writing a story, and one of the main characters is a reserved guy who I think should have some sort of mysterious background. What are some good ideas for conflict in this person's life?

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Mar 16, 2018

Internal conflict...


Think of conflicts that he experiences internally...
1. Depression
2. Distaste for Societal Norms
3. Distaste for authority (people who control his life)
4. Ego problems (To what extent should he go to prove he is right?)
5. Distaste for the superficiality of certain people (How fake they are)
6. Dislike for reality itself due to all the factors above (Lives in his own imaginary world)

-From the mind of a teenage boy

Some other clique ideas:
1. Family problems
2. Love problems
3. Friend problems
4. Money problems

Mar 16, 2018

Depends on the genre, but you could catastrophic events, a personal crisis, or a ethical dilemma to create conflict.


Hurricane Katrina 2.0
He contracts a deadly STD while helping communities in Africa.
He inadvertently kills someone (involuntary manslaughter) then hides the body.