I was just challenged to provide the source of a quote that another contributor disagreed with. When I quoted the source but not the web address of the quote. When it is necessary to provide the web site book reference, precisely?

1 Answer
Sep 14, 2017

If you quote it, put the source in parenthesis right after the quotation in the future.


You do not always have to source the URL, and it's sad to here you were challenged to provide it precisely. When you are using a source, it can be useful to use the "Link" function on Socratic. This way, you can simply copy and paste the link after you've finished sourcing the information.

OR, you can simply put the title of the article (or other form of information) in parenthesis with directions on how to find it.

It's usually always necessary to quote someones work that isn't yours just so people don't get confused. Now, it's not like people are going to usually hound you on it but I like to put the source down so people can go and look up more information on it. If you don't provide source links, it usually counts as plagarism.