If a mixture looks smooth and the same throughout, what is it most likely?

1 Answer
Dec 12, 2016

A homogeneous mixture.


Otherwise referred to as a solution, a homogeneous mixture is one of the two types of mixtures (the other being a heterogeneous mixture).

Some examples of homogeneous mixtures include:

  • City air (it has to be city air because pure air would not be a mixture, rather a pure substance)

  • Tap water (again, it has to be tap water because pure and distilled water would be a pure substance)

As you can see, both these examples look 'smooth' and same throughout.

For reference, I'll provide some examples of heterogeneous mixtures.

  • Soil (the dirt can be composed over many different things, including sediments, rock, insects, etc, etc.)

  • Salad (this is because salads include different types of vegetables, fruits, sauces, etc, etc.)