If a polymer is made of ten monomers, how many water molecules will be needed to break all the bonds? Why?

1 Answer
Aug 30, 2015

nine assuming you are breaking only the bonds where the water molecule is released when the bonds are formed.


lets break the problem like this. Following is a diagrammatic representation of 10 monomer polymer


here each polymer bond is shown as "#-#"

polymer bond is formed when #-OH# group from 1st monomer and #H# group from 2nd monomer is removed as #H_2O#

now to separate the two monomer you require only one water molecule.
#A_1-A_2 +H_2O →A_1 + A_2#

for three monomer polymer we have 2 bonds so we require two water molecules. now for 10 monomer polymer we have 9 polymer bonds so we require 9 water molecules.