If a proton,neutron and electron are placed in a magnetic field then which particle will experience zero force?

(A)Proton and electron 
(B) Neutron and proton
(C) Electron and neutron 
(D) Proton, neutron and electron

1 Answer
Jun 20, 2018

The neutron will experience zero force. If we assume that the particles are motionless, all 3 will experience zero force.


The neutron does not interact with magnetic fields regardless of conditions discussed below that may or may not cause a force on electrons and protons.

The proton and electron will experience zero force IF they are motionless in the magnetic field or if the velocity, #v#, and magnetic field, #B#, are parallel.

Charges, protons or electrons, with a velocity vector that is not parallel with the magnetic field will experience a force deflecting its path. The formula relating the force, charge and its velocity, and magnetic field is

#vecF = q*vecv " "X" " vecB#

where the #X# indicates that a vector cross product is to be done. It is this force that allows an electric motor to work.

I just now noticed that the choices do not offer neutron only. If we assume that the question implies that the particles are motionless, then the correct answer is D.

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