If you are in the southern hemisphere where would you see Polaris?

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Dec 24, 2015

Polaris is not visible from the southern hemisphere.



Polaris is also called the North Star because it remains nearly stationary relative to the other stars in the sky. If the Earth's rotational axis were extended into space, it would point to Polaris.

Only about half of the celestial sphere is visible from any given point on the Earth. The other half is blocked by the Earth, but as the Earth rotates some of the hidden stars move into view.

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An observer standing at the north pole would only see the northern half of the celestial sphere, and an observer at the south pole would only see the southern half of the celestial sphere. An observer at the equator would see the entire sky over the course of a rotation.

The farther south an observer moves from the equator, the more of the northern sky is obscured by the Earth. Polaris would be the first star to permanently dip below the horizon.