If you exercise for 25 minutes or more,will your body have a greater demand for respiration? Give a detailed explanation for your answer.

1 Answer
May 29, 2018

yes, the demand for air (oxygen) increases.


when a person is in a state of rest, the oxygen that is carried by the blood which is pumped by the heart is enough to meet the demands of the oxygen requirement of the muscles of the body.

but when a person does exercise, the muscles expand and relax a lot. and this expansion and relaxation requires a lot of energy. as it is very well known that the oxygen, that is provided to the muscles is used in the production of ATP, which is nothing but energy. and in order to meet up with the greater requirements of the energy by the muscles, heart will have to pump more blood laden with oxygen to the muscles. and for the enrichment of the blood with oxygen our respiration rate along with the heart rate increases.