If you let all of the liquid evaporate out pitcher of mixed drink, would you be able to see the solid particle of the drink mix?

1 Answer
Dec 6, 2016

Why not? Mind you, the residue might remain as a syrup.


This is an experiment you can do at home.

Get 2 scrupulously clean jars, and in one of them make a saturated solution of sodium chloride, table salt; i.e. saturated so that the concentration of the solutions is the SAME as the concentration of solution that would be equilibrium with undissolved solute.

Filter (or even decant) the supernatant solution into the clean jar.. (You can easily filter thru a Pasteur Pipette stuffed with a piece of cotton wool.) Place a piece of paper over the clean jar (so that dust cannot get in), and place the jar somewhere in a cupboard, where it will not be disturbed, and the solution will very slowly evaporate.

The result? After a week or so, depending how patient you were, and how well you made the solution, you can get huge, macroscopic crystals of common salt. I've had up to #3-4*cm^3# blocks.

When you do this with sugar, you tend to get a syrup (and of course a sugar syrup would attract flies, and wasps).