If you're working on a question on Socratic are other people working on the same question at the same time?

If I'm working on an answer am I basically competing with someone else to submit one? Or does Socratic lock one person in? It's confusing because if you're solving a hard problem and it takes a while and then someone completes it really quickly it really sucks

1 Answer
May 16, 2018

See below.


If you are working on a question, there is a possibility that at the same time, someone else is also working on that problem. It isn't always guaranteed, but it can happen. However, that does not matter. If you are working on a problem, and the other person finishes it before you, and they submit it, you can still submit yours just fine. All that happens is there are 2 answers to the question. There will never be a time when your answer will not be taken because someone else already submitted one.