Imagine Ivan the Great is applying for a job. Create a resume for him?

1 Answer
Jun 18, 2016

Ivan would never look for a job



I am Ivan The Terrible. I heard you are offering a job. I do not know what a job is but you need help so here I am. I assume you are trying to expand. Look no further. I'm a professional invader. I made Moscow a feared and respected city. I shall endeavor to do the same for your former company, now mine. I shall re-unify your land with mine, like I did for Russia, which became a center for cultural, scientific, religious and intellectual life. I'm not much of a talker I like to lead by seizing what's mine, as I did when I crowned myself Tsar of all Russia. It was a first.

There were a few obstacles, other cities which failed to recognize the rise of Moscow. The conquest was completed in 1502. I may have killed my four brothers but you know how people exaggerate, Anyway. It's done and now Russia is the great nation I always knew it would be. Additional details can be found here.

Wikipedia article on Ivan III