In gene cloning, both gene and plasmid vectors are digested by ECOR1 and treated in the presence of ligase. What will be the product?

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May 22, 2018

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I'm a bit vague on the process - but i'll answer a few scenarios.

If you cut the plasmid and gene with EcoR1 and kill the enzyme, then'll get:
- Closed plasmid and cyclized gene
-multiple copy circular plasmid and circular gene (or multiple copy circular gene)
-gene inserted in plasmid (circular) in correct orientation
-gene inserted in plasmid (circular) in reverse orientation.
-gene/plasmid/gene/plasmid...../gene/plasmid linear or circular (numbers and sequence depends on size).

If you treat with Ecor1 and ligase at the same time, you'll get linear plasmid and linear gene (EcoR1 will keep cutting the ligated product).