Is 0.8 repeating a real number, rational number, whole number, Integer, Irrational number?

1 Answer
Jul 10, 2015

It is a rational and real number.


Any number we use is real (there are others like complex, but they are very rarely used).
If a number consists only of sign and digits (like 0;327;98765;-5;-789 and so on) then it is a whole number or integer.

A rational number is any number that can be repesented as a fraction. So every integer is also a rational number (because it can be written as a fraction with the denominator 1) #5=5/1;27=27/1#

An irrational number is any real number which cannot be represented as a fraction (like #sqrt(3),pi,log3# and others)

#0.8=8/10=4/5# so it is a rational number (but also real)