Is it okay to ask controversial questions that somewhat involves politics and/or unethical economic ideas?

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Sep 25, 2015


Not really.


If I understand where you're coming from on this issue, I would have to say that you should probably avoid asking controversial and/or unethical questions on Socratic.

Here's a link to the Asking basics guide

The reason for that does not lie with the nature of the question itself, but with the reactions such a question will probably cause.

Socratic is dedicated to mainstream science because that's the best way to make sure that almost everybody is on the same page and focused on creating an environment dedicated exclusively to teaching and helping others learn.

More often than not, controversial and unethical ideas grow into endless and heated discussions that most of the time lead nowhere, and this is extremely distracting to the learning process.

Don't get me wrong, controversial questions are very important to rock the boat and move things forward, both in science and in society in general.

Many scientific discoveries that we take for granted today started out as controversial ideas, so my position is by no means against the idea of controversial questions.

It's just that Socratic is not the right platform for that.

There are plenty of forum-type, science-based websites that focus more on discussions than on teaching/learning, so maybe such questions are more appropriate there.

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