Is rate of expansion of universe increasing?

1 Answer
Aug 10, 2018



The supernova studies of 1997, 1998 showed that rate of the expansion of the universe was increasing. These studies were confirmed and the authors of these three studies were granted a noble prize for their discovery that the rate of the universe was increasing. w

The hypothesis was that the studies were confirm the theories of Big Bangs and Big Crushes. The "alternating universe theory was consistent with the world view that matter and energy were eternal, The words of Carl Sagan the cosmos is all that is was or ever will be expressed the world view of material realism.

The actual results contradicted the hypothesis of an alternating universe, The increasing rate of expansion of the universe indicates that it is impossible for the universe to recycle. These results indicate the matter and energy can not be eternal, that the universe is an open system and matter is not self existent.

The present scientific evidence is that rate of the expansion of the universe is increasing.