Is there a better way to handle questions that remain incomplete than supplying arbitrary information to be able to clear them from the history?

For example:

I guess "Report answer" would be a possibility but I think the intent of this was something else.

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Nov 5, 2017

Here's my take on this...


The way I see it, you pretty much have two options: report the question, which basically means that I get to swing by and delete it, or try to answer it in a way that makes sense to the students.

Alternatively, you can try to ask for clarification from the student, but in my experience, the chances of actually getting a reply are not that great, to put it mildly, especially if the question has been around for weeks or months.

So it comes down to what makes sense to you when looking at the question. if you feel like you can make something out of it, like you did in your example, then the best approach would be to post an answer.

if not, then feel free to report it and I'll delete it. I delete dozens of incomplete questions every day, so I would definitely welcome any help in tracking these questions down.