Joe's bathroom floor is 5ft wide and 8ft long. he will cover the floor with 3in square tiles. how many tiles does joe need?

1 Answer
May 23, 2018

1920 tiles.


The area of the floor is equal to its length multiplied by its width.

#5ft * 8ft = 40ft^2#

Given the floor's area, we need to find out how many #3"in"^2# tiles can go into it.

Note: 1 square foot = 144 square inches

#40ft^2 * (144"in"^2)/(1ft^2) = 5760"in"^2#

Now that we know the area in the same term as the tile being used to cover it, we can simply apply division to find the number of tiles necessary.

#5760cancel("in"^2) * "1tile"/(3cancel("in"^2)) = "5760tile"/3 = 1920"tile"#