Jonah measures the amount of medicine he takes usin an eyedropper. What units of measurement would best describes the amount of medicine Jonah takes?

1 Answer
Aug 7, 2018

Well, depending on the eye-dropper, i.e. the diameter of the hole..


...each drop has an approximate volume of #0.05*mL#..i.e. maybe 20-30 drops per mL.

A glass Pasteur pipette, on the other hand, has a finer delivery bore, and maybe delivers drops of #0.02-0.03*mL#. From a graduated burette, i.e. those used in titration, EACH drop is approx. #0.01*mL#..and so you can closely approach the end-point.

PS the character in the story proposed in the question is unfortunately named. The biblical Jonah was cast overboard because his shipmates shrewdly concluded that he was cursed by God. Someone who is routinely unlucky and unfortunate is often referred to as a #"Jonah"#...and is best shunned and avoided because you might share in their bad luck...