Kim burns 85 calories per hour hiking. How many calories will Kim burn in #h# hours? How do you identify the independent and dependent variables of this situation?

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Oct 18, 2016

You need to know the h value the number of calories she would burn is 85h or 85 times the value of the variable h.


To identify the independent and dependent variables you need to first identify what the variables are. Then you ask yourself, which variable will be affected if anything is changed? For example; You have 2 variables the temperature of water and the state that the water is in (solid, liquid, gas).

The dependent variable is the state of matter that the water is because it is directly affected by any change in the temperature of the water. If I make the water colder it will freeze and become a solid. If I make it room temperature it will be a liquid and if I boil the water it'll turn into a gaseous form.

The independent variable is the one that is able to be manipulated or changed. Only one variable should be changed at a time.

Oct 31, 2016

Kim will burn #85h color(white)(l)"cal"#.


#"Calories burned" = h color(red)(cancel(color(black)("hours"))) × "85 cal"/(1 color(red)(cancel(color(black)("hour")))) = 85hcolor(white)(l) "cal"#

An independent variable is the variable that you change or control.

A dependent variable is the variable that changes as a result of the changes you make. It depends on what you do.

In this example, the independent variable is the time that Kim spends hiking. She is independent and can make up her own mind how long she wants to hike.

The dependent variable is the number of calories burned, because it depends on how long she decides to hike.