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Lindsey budgeted 18% of her monthly income of $1,700 for utilities. How much can she spend on utilities?

1 Answer
Jun 18, 2018


See a solution process below:


We can rewrite this as: What is 18% of $1,700?

"Percent" or "%" means "out of 100" or "per 100", Therefore 18% can be written as #x/100#.

When dealing with percents the word "of" means "times" or "to multiply".

Finally, lets call the amount Lindsey can spend on utilities: "u".

Putting this altogether we can write this equation and solve for #u# while keeping the equation balanced:

#u = 18/100 xx $1700#

#u = ($30600)/100#

#u = $306#

Lindsey can spend #color(red)($306)# on utilities.