Math word problem?

Mario is saving his money in order to buy a new video game. He decides to save $5 of his allowance every week. The equation he writes to describe the total amount of money he will save each week is shown below.

T = 5w

T = Total amount of money saved
w = number of weeks Mario has been saving money
write a table that is equivalent to Mario's equation.

1 Answer
Jun 19, 2018

Table with first 7 enteries below:


#{: (ul("number of weeks"),,ul("amount saved")), (color(white)("xxxx")1,,color(white)("xxxx")$5), (color(white)("xxxx")2,,color(white)("xxx")$10), (color(white)("xxxx")3,,color(white)("xxx")$15), (color(white)("xxxx")4,,color(white)("xxx")$20), (color(white)("xxxx")5,,color(white)("xxx")$25), (color(white)("xxxx")6,,color(white)("xxx")$30), (color(white)("xxxx")7,,color(white)("xxx")$35), (color(white)("xxxx")"...",,color(white)("xxx")".....") :}#