Michael has a substance that he puts in container 1. The substance has a volume of 5 cubic meters. He then puts it in container 2 and it now has a volume of 10 cubic meters. In which phases(s) is the substance?

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Aug 28, 2017

Do you know how large a cubic metre is? The substance is CLEARLY in the gaseous phase.......


#1*m^3-=1000*L#, and this is a very large volume. If you ever shift #4-5*m^3# of concrete this is a good few hours hard work. Now gases have the property that they will uniformly fill the volume of whatever container they occupy. Likewise, if the gas is contained in a piston, the gas can be compressed down to the volume of liquefaction.

On the other hand, solids, and liquids, are largely incompressible, and have definite volumes and densities.

Here, the volume of the substance GREATLY expanded, i.e. twofold. The stuff must be a gas.