Mrs. Garcia puts 57 cans on a shelf. She puts an equal number of cans in each of 9 rows and puts 3 cans in the last row. How many cans does she put in each of the 9 equal rows?

2 Answers
Mar 21, 2018

6 in each row


  1. take of the 3 thats left over
  2. divide it by 9 to find out how many cans are on each shelf
  3. the amount that you get when you divide is the answer
Mar 21, 2018

6 cans per row


Set up an equation where x represents the unknown number of cans per row:

#9x+3=57 rarr# 9 rows of x cans added to 1 row of 3 cans equals 57 cans


#x=6 rarr# 6 cans per row