NaOH + KMnO4: why doesn't it yield NaMnO4+KOH?

I've learned that the reaction goes like this:
#2NaOH + KMnO_4 -> 2KOH + 2Na_2O + MnO_2#

But why doesn't it yield NaMnO4 and KOH instead?

1 Answer
Feb 6, 2016

Alkaline permanganate is a (fairly mild) oxidant, as you might expect.


Alkaline permanganate will react with olefins to produce cis -diols. Acidic permanganate is a more potent oxidant, and will oxidize the vinyl carbons further to carboxylic acids by cleaving the double bond.

The reaction you have written above features a reduction (#Mn(VII) to Mn(IV)#, but no corresponding oxidation. Would you review your source?