On the periodic table, do elements in group 4 have a +4 charge?

1 Answer
Jun 10, 2016

No, it would either be a 2+ (transition metals) charge or a +4 or a -4 (carbon group) charge (if you're not counting ionic compounds).


Defining group 4 as the second group in the transition metals:
Most transition metals usually have a 2+ ion (with some exceptions not in this group). They may also have different charges, since their missing electrons are in the d-orbital, the atoms have more options as to what will happen.

Defining group 4 as the carbon group:
Since the carbon group have a full s-orbital (and sometimes d-orbital), and a half-filled p-orbital, they just need to lose or gain 4 electrons, making their charges either 4+ or 4- when not taking into account ionic compounds (meaning that the compound has some charge)