Please help? Choose all of the following that describe life 'behind the iron curtain' during the cold war.

A.) Long lines for food

B.) Free to travel to any country that they wished around the world

C.) Many modern conveniences such as refrigerators and cars

D.) Government coupons for clothes

E.) People could get as much food as they wanted

F.) No freedom fro speech or press

G.) Very short lines to get food

H.) Prison camps for people suspected of disloyalty

1 Answer
Mar 3, 2018

A, F, and H are right. The rest are wrong.


The Iron Curtain was the Soviet Union, so present day Russia. A. The communism there was terrible, people were very poor, and didn't have much. B. People had to wait in very long lines for food. C. People could not travel to any country they wanted to. D. People were very poor, so they could not buy things like cars and refrigerators and microwaves. E. The government didn't help people buy things like clothes, or anything. F. People could not eat as much food as they wanted, they had to ration their only food.

G. People couldn't say anything that they wanted to, either, and the press was controlled by the government. H. If people were disloyal, or even thought of as disloyal, they were sent to prison camps.