Raul is shopping and stops at the drug store, grocery and the mall. He spent $6.99, $12.49, and $16.45 at each respective store, and has $11.20 in his wallet when he returns home. How much money did he have when he began shopping?

1 Answer
Mar 3, 2018



Raul spent $6.99 at the drug store, but for our purpose, we'll name it store red, $12.49 at store blue, and $16.45 at store green. 3 different stores, 3 different amounts. The first thing we are going to do to solve this problem, is figure out how much he spent in total. To do this, we need to set up the following equation.


Add all those numbers together, and you get $35.93. This means that in total, Raul spent $35.93, and he had to have had at least that in his wallet at the start of the shopping trip. But, since he had $11.20 left in his wallet, you must add that to the $35.93.


That equals $47.13, which is how much he had at the beginning of his trip.