Show that the nuclear density of 1H1(mass no-1&atomic no-1)is over 10^14 times greater than its atomic density (assume the atom to have the radius of the first Bohr orbit).In this question,what should I put for nuclear mass&atomic mass?

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May 20, 2018

see below


You don't need a number for mass. You are comparing densities, and the related mass, #M#, is the same in each case, ie the proton.

  • #(M/V_1)/(M/V_2) = V_2/V_1#

So you are really comparing the (spherical) volumes of the H nucleus and the H first orbital.

Common approximation:

  • radius of any nucleus: #1 " fm"#

  • radius of any atom: #1 " Å"#

Google for the actual dimensions if you want to be more precise :)