Some grammar problems?

1.Computers may never offer a perfect system for work and communications. Yet, there is no question that computers now __ the pattern of our activities.
(A) form (B) cut (C) shape (D) follow

2.Somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago, man’s first clash __ nature may have begun.
(A) against (B) with (C) upon (D) over

3.As human populations have increased, __ the demise o f other living things.
(A) have so (B) so have (C) has so (D) so has

4.In American culture, except in a few well-defined situations, touching is linked with intimate interpersonal relationships and is _ taboo for most other types of relationships.
(A) for example (B) in addition (C) therefore (D) nevertheless

2 Answers
Apr 15, 2018

B, A, D and B


--that computers now cut the pattern of our activities.
--man's first clash against nature may have begun.
--so has the demise of other living things.

--and is in addition taboo for most other types of relationships.

Apr 15, 2018
  1. C, 2. B, 3. D, 4. C


  1. Computers are not cutting a pattern. The computers are not following anything (they are determining our activities). Computers are also not solely responsible for the formation of our activities.

  2. Men and nature were pitted against each other; however, "against" is not the right word here. They are clashing together (against each other). "Upon" and "over" do not make sense here.

  3. "Has so" and "have so" do not make sense here. "So has" should be used instead of "so have" because "demise" is a singular noun and "have" is for plural nouns.

  4. There is no example here, so "for example" is not an appropriate usage. "In addition" is when additional information has been presented. "Therefore" would be the best term here because the taboo of touching in platonic relationships follows as a result of touching being linked to romantic relationships.