Suppose you select a letter from the word ALGEBRA. What's the probability of selecting two consonants? A vowel & consonant? Two vowels?

1 Answer
Nov 1, 2017

1) #p=2/7#

2) #p=2/7#

3) #p=1/7#


In the word ALGEBRA (7 letters) there are 4 consonants, then the probability of selecting first 1 consonant and then another 1 is the product of single probabilities, but, before the second selection, the number of letters is 6 and the number of consonants is 3, then:

1) #p=4/7*3/6=2/7#

2) There are 3 vowels, then if I wish to select first a vowel and then a consonant,


3) There are 3 vowels and 7 letters at the first selection, but 2 vowels and 6 letters at the second one, then