The function f is defined by f (x) ={ #x^2,0<=x<=3# { #3x,2<=x<=10# The relation g is defined by g (x) = { #x^2,0<=x<=2# { #3x,2<=x<=10# Show that f is a function and g is not a function?

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  • Shaivi G.
    @shaivi-g Shaivi G. asked the question.
    7 months ago
  • Shaivi G.
    @shaivi-g Shaivi G. requested an answer.
    7 months ago
  • Azimet
    @azimet Azimet Neither seem to be functions, because g seems to match 2 to both 4 and 6 while f matches all x in the closed interval [2,3] to both x^2 and 3x, which are only the same number if x=3.
    1 month ago