The yearly capita consumption of whole milk in the US reached a peak of 40 gallons in 1945. It has been steadily decreasing at a rate of about 2.8% per year. How do you find an exponential model M(t) for capita whole milk consumption?

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Aug 5, 2016

Exponential model does not befit this problem .Since, 1945, the model for consumption is #M(t) = 40 - 1.12 t# gallons,.At this rate, the consumption would have become nil by 1981.


Exponential fit is for growth/decay problems, wherein the rate of

growth/decay is tending to #oo#/0, as #t to oo#,

So rate of growth/decay is increasing, with respect to time.

Here, the rate is said to b steady.

M'=-2.8%=-(0.126)(40)=-1.12 gallom /year.


#M=-1.12 t# + initial value= #40-1.12 t#

M becomes 0, when t =40/1.12 = 35.7... years.