There are 24 students in a science class. Mr. Sato will give each pair of students 3 magnets. So far, Mr. Sato has given 9 pairs of students their 3 magnets. How many more magnets does Mr. Sato need, so that each pair of students has exactly 3 magnet?

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Feb 16, 2017


Mr. Sato needs #9# magnets.


AS there are #24# students in the science class,

there are #24/2=12# pair of students.

Mr. Sato wants to give each pair of students #3# magnets

Mr. Sato has already given #9# pairs of students their #3# magnets

Therefore number of pairs of students yet to be given magnets is #12-9=3#.

For them he needs #3xx3=9# magnets.

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