There are 461 students and 20 teachers taking buses on a trip to a museum. Each bus can seat a maximum of 52. What is the least number of buses needed for the trip?

1 Answer
Nov 15, 2016

#10# buses are needed.
#9# buses will only be able to take 468 people.


There are #461 + 20 = 481# people altogether needing transport.

Each bus can take at most 52 people.

The number of buses needed = #482 div 52#

#482 div 52 = 9.25# buses.

You might be tempted to round down to 9 buses (because of the 2 that follows the decimal)

However, if there are 9 buses, #9 xx 52 = 468# people can be taken

There will still be #13# people to be transported.

This is an example of where you need to round UP to the next whole number. #10# buses are needed.

In reality it means that not all the buses will be full, but 10 buses are needed to ensure that everyone gets a ride to the museum.