This is a question about Soviet Union's economy, please check my work. Thanks?!! The Soviet Union's command economy work was successful. USSR didn't affect by the great depression like the other countries. Stalin didn't let the country economic down.

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Dec 9, 2017

I wouldn't say so.


Yes perhaps the USSR was ok, however the Eastern Bloc countries were heavily crippled by the Soviet command economy as they had hardly any export opportunities or choice upon what to make.
Property was given to people via the state and I believe that that was good quality, hinting that the economy was good. However in the 1920's the USSR observed large hyperinflation issues. In response to your question, no their was no issue with the Great Depression, but there were certainly issues.
enter image source here Remember as well that the Soviet Union was still at a loss from the Bolshevik Revolution and WW1, these were also very bad for the economy.