This is a question about steel bridge and I need to find the weight. Take a look at the picture. Thanks!?!

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Mar 14, 2018

a. At least a million times more
b. NO. The real bridge will surely buckle.


Its all about density and volume and structural coefficients.

When you scale a structure, the volume changes, but the density and structural coefficients remain the same.

Sya you have a cube of ice 1cmx 1cm x1cm and this is a scale model of the larger cube 1/100 scale.

So the real cube would have been 100cm x 100cm x 100cm and its volume would have been 1 million cubic cm

The model 1 cm cube of ice weighs only 1gram where density is taken as 1gm/cc

The original would have weighed a million times more.

Your model bridge, even if made of the same material will not sag, but the actuatl weights gonna be a milion times , with the same density: It may collapse.