To what organelle structure in the cell does mRNA attach to?

2 Answers
Jun 28, 2018

mRNA gets attached to ribosome for protein synthesis.


mRNA gets attached to the riosome, the site of protein synthesis. It helps in transferring amino acids in sequence as per the codon sequence in DNA for the synthesis of polypeptide chain.

Jun 28, 2018



  • When mRNA is made in the nucleus during transcription, it leaves the nucleus through the nuclear pores into the cytoplasm.

  • It then attaches to the ribosome where, the sugar-phosphate backbone is attached to the small unit of the ribosome and two codons are exposed in the bigunit of the ribosome for translation.

  • Here, tRNA, fetches specific amino acids based on their anticodons which is supposed to be complementary to the mRNA's codons.

  • Two tRNA anticodons binds with temporary hydrogen bonds with two complementary mRNA codons as two amino acids get connected with a peptide bond, via peptidyl transferase (an enzyme in ribosome's small unit).

  • The ribosome moves along the mRNA to translate codon to complementary amino acid sequence using tRNA and enzymes in the process.