We know that y=mx+b is the formula we use for lines. Is the value of "m" considered to be a term, a coefficient or a factor?

A. Term

B. Coefficient

C. Factor

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Aug 18, 2017

Its a coefficient.


Because if you are able to express any equation in the form 'y=mx+b' then always the coefficient of 'x' will be the value of 'm' i.e. slope.

Aug 18, 2017

I would answer this question B. Coefficient, but please see below.


I think the question is "In the expression #mx+b# is #m# a term, a coefficient or a factor?" The correct answer is #m# is a coefficient of the expression #mx+b#

I contend that context is important.

In the term, #mx#, #m# is both a coefficient (a constant that is multiplied with a variable) and a factor (a thing that is multiplied with another thing).
In the term #mx#, #x# is also a factor. It is a variable factor.