What are 3 main functions of the skeletal and muscular systems?

1 Answer
Jun 25, 2016

Skeletal: mechanical, protective and metabolic functions.
Muscular: movement, posture maintenance and homeostasis


Three main functions of the skeletal system :

  1. Mechanical: they shape and support your body. Muscles attach to bones and thogether they enable body movement.
  2. Protective: bones protect internal organs e.g. the skull protects the brain and the ribcage protects the lungs and the heart. It also protects the marrow it contains.
  3. Metabolic: bones produce blood cells from its marrow, the same marrow can store energy (lipids). Bones also store (essential) minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Three main functions of the muscular system:

  1. Movement: muscles are able to contract and relax enabling movement of the body and movement in the body (e.g. heart, vessels, bowel).
  2. Posture maintenance: bones are not enough to keep us 'in shape'. Muscles are essential to allow us to maintain posture and body position.
  3. Homeostasis: muscles generates body heat (think of shivering) keeping our body temperature within an acceptable range.