What are 5 examples of metonymy and how are they used in a sentence?

1 Answer
Feb 16, 2018

Metonymy is a type of figure of speech in which a thing/concept/idea is referred to by the name of something similar to the thing/idea/concept.


It does not have to be an entire phrase. Often times, just a word can function as a metonymy.

Here are some examples:

  • "Plate" can mean an entire plate of food
  • "Lend me your ears" is a popular metonymy phrase. It means to give someone their attention.
  • "Jeff is a real silver fox!"- This is a metonymy that means that Jeff is an attractive older man.
  • "Give me a hand" means to give someone help.
  • "Cuba has passed a bill." Using the name of a country can be used as a metonymy to use in place of that country's government or economy.