What are aims and objectives of MUN (Model UN)? How are they acheived?

I understand the objectives but cannot relate them to the various activities performed during its conferences and preparation. I want to know the specific activities that help acheive various objectives.

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I've actually attended one of these things (once, in Costa Rica), so let me give you brief overview of how the whole system works.

What I did in a routine day was go to whichever school we had to go, and skipping all the frivolous details, we were in the classroom by around and about 7-8 am.

So, there's obviously the moderator, who's obviously the umpire here, and he just calls out on whoever want's to call out. Before this, you do a speakers list, and make sure which delegations actually want to speak. This, then begins debate (mine was about the South China Sea), I was Malaysia, and we had pretty great debates with some other people. Now, how this helps the whole objective of reaching a resolution, is by allowing for an honest, open debate, it's not "all bets are off" obviously, you're not going to go and Ad Hominem your opponents, but you get what I mean. Once You've had enough arguments, and enough ideas have been presented and torn apart, you make the groups with the signatories and all.

Once you make these groups, it makes whoever are the founders of the paper, to make an extremely detailed paper about anything and everything relating to the issue, which is then taken for voting. Whoever gets the most votes wins, and voila.

All this, is of course to get to the resolution, that's the whole point, about the open exchange of ideas, for a conclusion. I wouldn't say that there are "various objectives", what I see in my brain is the main goal, I devise plans in order to make that goal a reality, therefore I suppose there may have been other ancillary goals (like be friendly with the delegates, or something), but when it comes to the MBTI, I'm and INTJ, so I just sticked with my buddies there.