What are examples of interrogative adjectives?

1 Answer
Mar 25, 2016

what, which, whose, how


Interrogative adjectives, like any type of adjective, modify nouns. However, interrogative adjectives are used in interrogative sentences, which are sentences that ask a question.

Examples of interrogative pronouns include the bolded words in the following interrogative sentences:

  • What type of dog do you have?

The interrogative pronoun what is both modifying the noun "type" and asking a question.

  • Which book by Charles Dickens is your favorite?

Here, which is referring to the noun book and is also acting interrogatively.

And so on...

  • How many people came to the party?
  • Whose house is that?

Note that words like what are not always interrogative adjectives. For example, in the sentence

What do you see?

The word what is modifying do, which is a verb. Thus, here, when what is asking about an action (verb), and not a thing (noun), it is not acting as an interrogative adjective.