What are examples of past participial phrases?

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Mar 21, 2018

Bored students, excited children, screamed patient etc


Look, participle or verbal phrase is nothing but think they are all ADJECTIVES like ( except gerund-noun, infinitive is a verb)

I am now going to give you a best lesson of you all for ever that you will not be confused anymore.

Don't be confused about them:
Verb phrase
Phrasal verb
Group verbs,
Ex. I come across now that---phrasal verb
I put off my shoes---- group verb
I would have written---verb phrase etc
They are all almost identical not participle or verbal phrases ok?

In everyday work, we need many adjectives to use. Problem is adjectives are not sufficient in the dictionary, are they?
Check it out now by your paper back dictionary, you can realize what I said! But you will be seen numerous verbs in the dictionary than any parts of speech, ok?

Admission going on--

where is the progressive tense? Like, Admission is going on, is not it?

Actually, going here acts like an adjective modifying ADMISSION.
When we have no sufficient adjectives to write, we generally make an adjective by VERBS, clear?

Like: Bore, it is a verb. If we write bored students? Now it makes sense?

We many don't know the word---tire, do we?

I am tired.
Because tired word is much active than tire!

This way we make adjective by verbs either present form or past form, clear?

The bored students went into sleep during the boring lecture.

Do you understand now?

When noun causes the action, it is an ing form---Boring students.

When noun itself received the action it is an ed form like-- Bored students.

These are called participles.

But verbal phrase is included, participle, gerund and infinitive, another discussion if needs in the future, I will explain them too!

Now, hope it works.

If you feel good, don't be hesitated to make a note of thanks by few words as it will be like an oxygen for a good teacher to contribute further, don't think it is a simple anything on earth!